TiBanDefender Medium SizedThis product is suitable for medium-sized businesses, the business model houses 2 hard drive at low speed.
1 Tb Storage Area
2 Tb Old Storage Arera
8 Gb System Area
The Ram particularly fast gives the TiBanDefender very low response times.
This version implements a reactive firewall, this means that in case of aggression by a virus, the TiBanDefender protects itself and counter the aggressor making it harmless in less than a second second.
The Business model keeps memory of editing files by a minimum of one hour to a maximum of two years so configured
24 Backups in day, one per hour
7 Backups in a week, once per day
4 Backups per month, one per week
12 Backups per year, one per month
1 Year Backup , for up to two years
For 45 backup always online can not be modified by any external agent.
Backups are so named:
Hour 0 to 22, the twenty-fourth time is not mentioned because it becomes day0.
Days 0 to 5, the seventh day is not mentioned because it becomes Sunday0.
Sunday from 0 to 2, the fourth Sunday is not displayed because it becomes Month0.
Months from 0 to 10, the twelfth month is not visulizzato because it becomes year0
Years 0 to 1

1 Tb € 1.500,00 + € 400,00 Only first installation + V.a.t. € 1.500,00 + V.a.t. OPTIONAL

By signing the contract and the acquisition of the STARTER KIT is entitled to 12 months of support and warranty.
Contact us to evaluate the possibility of customization.