Micro TiBanDefender

Micro TiBanDefenderThe Micro TiBanDefender exists in two verisons, with ARM processor with 1 GB of RAM and with Intel processor with 512 Mb RAM.
in both cases using a 1TB hard drive as follows:
120gb of storage area
800gb Historical data area
80gb System Area
The Micro TiBanDefender keeps memory of the files editing for a minimum of one day to a maximum of two years, so configured:
7 Backups a week, one for each day
4 Backups per month, one for each week
12 Backups per year, one for each month
1 Backup for each year for a maximum of two years
For a total of 22 online backups that cannot be modified by any external agent.
Backups are so named:
Days: from 0 to 5, the seventh day is not displayed because it becomes Sunday0
Sundays from 0 to 2, the fourth sunday is not displayed because it becomes month0
months from 0 to 10, the twelfth month is not displayed because it becomes year0
For the proper functioning of TiBanDefender, it must be placed on a source of adequate power and it must remain switched on without power interruption.

120 Gb € 700,00 + V.a.t. € 700,00 + V.a.t. Optional