Data protection

The TiBanDefender is a machine, whose peculiarity is in its own growth: just like a real watch dog, at first it’s a newborn, after a few days it’s a youngster, in some months it’s an adult and at last it becomes wise.
The TiBanDefender performs internal saves on a time basis, keeping the data unaffected every time. In case of accidental data loss, it’s always possible to retrieve the data, even after several days. That’s because the TiBanDefender keeps different disk images, up to 2 years of age.
The real strenght that makes the TiBanDefender differen from any other storage device is actually this one: the possibility of having a series of read-only areas, that can’t be modified by anything coming from the outside (virus, cryptolocker, accidental deletion, etc.), that stay untouched in time.
For each file there is a series of versions, showing all the changes that took place in 2 years of time, or from the moment it was created.
Any accidental deletion or change is not a problem, because you can retrieve the file just before it was changed, and get it back as it was.
With the TiBanDefender you can compare the files to their different versions, to understand how they were changed through the selected period of time.