The growing complexity of the infrastructures needed for companies’ management, requires higher and higher security standards. That’s the reason why it’s always important to protect the business critical data, that is the information asset vital to the success of the company.
In the chain of value, security is the feature that, once managed from the inside, allows you to create the best economies of scale, providing the best solution at the lowest price. In this context, TiBanDefender is the ideal solution for companies.
The TiBanDefender is designed to ensure the highest security standards for data and for the infrastructures needed to their management. The pledge of respecting these security standards allows the TiBanDefender to be invulnerable to Malwares and crypto-ransomware for long periods of time.
To satisfy the strictest security requirements, the TiBanDefender provides the most advanced back-up and data restore systems, the most up-to-date equipments for the continuity of the electronic supply, and the most advanced systems for the filtering of data traffic.
Sharing these resources, which are a fundamental part of the TiBanDefender package, allows the users to count on their business continuity at the most favourable condition; the less expensive way to work safely.