What is TiBan Defender ?

The TiBanDefender is a device connected to the LAN, and its function consists in allowing the users to access and share files, inside or outside their own network.
The TiBanDefender is a micro-controller, equipped with the all tools necessary to transmit through the network. Therefore, the TiBanDefender is not a simple storage device that can be connected to the LAN, but a proper server whose purpose is providing a smart network storage device, that can be easily managed and connected to other network resources.
The TiBanDefender is a device, whose “HEART” is a LINUX Kernel, totally transparent to the user, and several hard-disks, assigned to data storage. This particular architecture allows the files to be available at the same time on different platforms, such as Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac, where the operating system manages the network server with the most common protocols like NFS and SAMBA.
The TiBanDefender should not be mistaken with a SAN (Storage Area Network); these are data storage solutions quite different from it. They usually have their own network and proprietary protocols. The TiBanDefender can be set up as a SAN node, thanks to its flexibility.
The TiBanDefender is also equipped with a USB port, where you can connect an external hard drive or a storage device to obtain a stand-alone backup.